swarmnovacoil (swarmnovacoil) wrote,

To-do-list June 2009

Just need to list them down for my viewing pleasure.. since my memory is a bit.. rusty?
  • Design a layout for my scanslation site and move it to my domain
  • Design a layout for my blog in my domain
  • Buy TV-PC cable so I can play my games on the TV (it's apparently called a VGA-RCA cable)
  • Scanslate new Junjou Romantica chapter!
  • Put tabs on my Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook! (need to prepare for my board exams ne)
  • Learn a new piano piece! (I really need to practice)
  • Draw draw draw! Revive my inactive deviantart page!
  • Buy stuff for drawing (Pencils, erasers, whatnot)
  • Cover my Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook
  • Finish Silent Hill Origins~ (cuz I was too scared before to finish it)
  • Upload LJ userpics (of Nino and Ohno~ ♥)
  • Upload custom mood images (of Nino and Ohno~ ♥)
  • Go to the Gym!!
That'll be it for now. XD hope i'll be able to finish all of these by the end of the month :P
Tags: to do list

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