June 29th, 2009

geeky ohno~ XD

Monday is Random Sesu Fact Day!

Yeah, I'm on a roll on the 'assigning a topic each day of the week' kind of thing.. So now it's:
  • Sunday: Random generated topic post.
  • Monday: Random Sesu fact post.
  • Tuesday: Photoblog.
  • Wednesday: Presentation of a new drawing, even if only half-done.
  • Thursday: Weird thoughts and weird things I notice.
  • Friday: Recap of the week..
  • Saturday: Survey/Quiz post.
There! Tentative topic for each day.

So anyway, today is monday, so let's get to it!


Random Sesu Fact #1: Sesu loves to write.

Sesu loves writing. :)

A very obvious one. I love to write. But I think it only comes from my love for thinking, or maybe my love for learning. I have a very inquisitive mind, I like learning about things (well, things I'm interested about) I like learning how the world works -- people, feelings, individuality, psychology, myself, decisions, happiness -- stuff like that.

I like to write, but there are a lot of types of writing -- story writing, creative writing, song writing -- those aren't the things I want to do. What I want to write are.. my thoughts. My learnings instead of my creations. My feelings, my interests, my thoughts about life. I love to write simply because it helps me organize my thoughts. (I think I've written this line multiple times now.. coz it's true. :P)

Maybe I like writing because I am forced to think around one common topic. Simply thinking about them in your head, one tends to go into all sorts of different directions -- and what's worse about that is you completely forget what you were thinking about a couple of minutes ago. Writing makes my thoughts tangible -- capable of being organized, capable of being connected to another thought, capable of being remembered the way the thought was, originally. Well, you can't be sure that what you thought yesterday is exactly what you thought today now, can you?

I love to write, and I did this posting everyday thing so that I can get better at it.. or maybe I just want to read more of my posts. As I always manage to write in a blogpost everytime I go back and read my old blogposts --- I really REALLY love reading what I've written in the past. Though initially, I always think that I might just end up disappointing myself by reading my old posts (because I might've improved by then or just like now, I'm really not confident about how the flow of this post is going..) but I always.. ALWAYS get a pleasant surprise. Sometimes I'm even surprised at what I wrote, myself. Like "I didn't know I thought like that.." or "Yeah! That's right!".. Sometimes, I relearn what I've already learned in the past.

Speaking of reading old posts.. A little over a month ago, when I've been hanging out in the Ayala area alot, I seem to have attempted writing blogposts on my phone. (since I was out and no computer was within reach. Well, it's not worth it to rent one now, is it?) An as I've said before, I got a pleasant surprise. :P I really liked what I wrote (but I may just be some egoistic maniac).. :P Here's some of the stuff I wrote on my phone. [These were written around the last week of May 2009]
"Recently, there have been big changes with my life --- I graduated from college, I'm moving out from my home in elbi of 5 and a half years, and I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years.

I've been feeling all sorts of extreme ups and downs. Up, because I'm finally free to make my own decisions and I'm moving in a new home, a new life.. Down, because I've lost the comfort of elbi and the comfort of having a boyfriend.

It still weighs heavy in my heart, the feeling of loss. But if there's something I learned in life, it's that we can't gain anything without sacrificing something. We can't move on to the future if we dwell too much in the past.

There's also something I learned just recently, and from an unlikely source -- my recent ex -- "There are times that we only feel sad because we want to. There is no such thing as "I can't help it." because all of us has the strength to do so. We become 'helpless' of our own decision.

Sadness is simply the time you turn your head away from the things that make you happy, and concentrate on those which don't. "

Another post from my phone written a little bit after the previous one:

"Strength of the heart is simply to have the power to see and appreciate our blessings in life, despite how bleak, or how dire one's situation is. To be able to keep an optimistic view of life, even when experiencing life's mos unfortunate events. To realize that we are all luck in a way.

It is not wrong to feel sad and down, as long as we use those feelings to get up and start anew."

I should say that I don't feel as sad as I was a month ago --- in fact, I'm doing GREAT~ :D

Well then, I suppose that ends this post. I should just end it with "I LOVE WRITING! ~♥