June 30th, 2009

peaaace~ ^_^

To-do-list June 2009

Just need to list them down for my viewing pleasure.. since my memory is a bit.. rusty?
  • Design a layout for my scanslation site and move it to my domain
  • Design a layout for my blog in my domain
  • Buy TV-PC cable so I can play my games on the TV (it's apparently called a VGA-RCA cable)
  • Scanslate new Junjou Romantica chapter!
  • Put tabs on my Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook! (need to prepare for my board exams ne)
  • Learn a new piano piece! (I really need to practice)
  • Draw draw draw! Revive my inactive deviantart page!
  • Buy stuff for drawing (Pencils, erasers, whatnot)
  • Cover my Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook
  • Finish Silent Hill Origins~ (cuz I was too scared before to finish it)
  • Upload LJ userpics (of Nino and Ohno~ ♥)
  • Upload custom mood images (of Nino and Ohno~ ♥)
  • Go to the Gym!!
That'll be it for now. XD hope i'll be able to finish all of these by the end of the month :P
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Tuesday is Photoblog Day!

Yeah, the title's going to be in that format the whole week this week. XD Anyway, photoblogging.. I'm still new at this, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do, but I'm sure I just need to post some pics and put some descriptions right?

Well, here goes...

These are simply some of the stuff I found on my phone:


We were went shopping last Sunday in SM and as we headed for the parking area, I saw and took a picture of this. Though it might not be as noticable in the picture, the road here is actually filled with TAXIS. Yep. Just thought it was interesting. XD


Work, work, work!

I've finally got a part-time job as a Japanese to English translator of a certain anime series for a certain TV network (All thanks to my friend, Omi-aniki :D). This is my usual working set up. I use my desktop PC to view the Japanese script (in pdf) and to type up the translated script, and my laptop to watch the anime (though it's not on right now.) Oh and yeah, that's Nino taking a peek behind the window on my laptop. (NINOOO~ ♥)


Oohh~ so where am I, again?

This was taken when I actually got lost on my way back home. I wanted to try finding the way to where I can ride the bus that goes straight to our building.. and I actually found the bus! But apparently, the bus loading zone was somewhere farther off.. and I never found it. So I just tried to find my way back to the Dela Rosa Walkway and found this. Makati is really a nice looking place, isn't it? XD


Screams and the sounds of killing monsters are better with speakers!

As written on my to do list (for June) I wanted to finish Silent Hill Origins. So I was determined to finish it today since today's the last day of June! I tried playing without the speakers, but I couldn't hear much.. and I didn't want to wear earphones at the time, so.. Speakers it is. I simply got them off my desktop PC. :P


Orange Sunset Sky

The sky was unusally bright orange yesterday so I decided to take a picture of it. And yeah, I love the view from our room here in the Columns. :)


A light bulb in the sky!!

Another shot at the orange sky. Though the color here is a bit off than the real one. And this one has a light bulb up in the sky! Ahahaha! Probably because of the reflection on our window.. but it still looks cool, huh? XD


Well, that's it for this week's photoblog.. next week, I'll try to capture more 'photography'-ish pictures! :D