July 1st, 2009

geeky ohno~ XD

Wednesday is Artwork Day!

YESS! I did it! I pushed myself to do it because I know I should post one here today! Because Wednesday is Artwork Day! XD Yeah~ I'm now getting obsessed with keeping things on a tight schedule...

Here it is!

I'm too lazy to make another description, so I'll just copy paste the one I put on my deviantart account:

Well, I was just waiting for whatever it was my sis was watching at the time to finish so that we could go home.. and I ended up with this guy.

Robin.. just because I wanted to draw an R, and that was the first name to come up. 

I'm not even sure why there are stars on his shirt.

I dunno but I think I always draw Uke's for some reason. I must really be a Seme huh. XD

Oh and.. I was too lazy to properly color it, (partly because my tablet is currently in the hands of someone else.. and partly because I still have other work to be done) so I just used tons of layers with low opacity. XD

Well, as what was said in the description, I don't have my tablet (and I don't have that much time) so I just colored it sloppily with a mouse. Oh well, I think it still looks pretty good. XD

Now off to scanlate! :D