July 3rd, 2009

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Friday is Recap Day!

I'm actually going to do this in a hurry, because I'm still in the middle of studying for my quiz tomorrow! I'm just going to do a short recap of what I did the past week.

June 27,2009 (Saturday)

Went to my board exam review as usual. Topic was Organic Chemistry. Sir's bluetooth powerpoint slide changing thing went broke and, being seated right beside the laptop, I was the one assigned to change the slides. Lol. Steph left early because of her allergies.. (I hope she got to the hospital on time.) I bought a new headband, which I am using right now~ :D

June 28, 2009 (Sunday)

Spent the morning translating the anime I was assigned to translate. Sis planned to buy stuff for her overnights at the hospital. Went grocery shopping with my parents and sis. Ate out also at the SM Food court. Finished translating an episode that night. :D

June 29, 2009 (Monday)

Went to elbi to continue my experiments. Bought half a gallon of ice cream (Rocky road) to treat the lab peeps in BIOTECH for always helping me out. Only worked for half a day and went home immediately. While on the bus, I was thinking up what topic to assign each day for this journal. I got lost on my way back because I was searching for the bus that went straight to the Columns, and ended up still walking back home.

June 30, 2009 (Tuesday)

Was really pressured to do most of what I put on my to-do list for June 2009. Finished Silent Hill Origins in one seating. Took pictures of the orange sky for my Photoblog that day. Went home for dinner since they were having Turbo-broiled Beef (which was extremely delicious~ YUM! :D). Started drawing "Robin...?" since I knew I had to post a drawing the day afterward.

July 1, 2009 (Wednesday)

Spent hours coloring "Robin..?". Translated another episode, which took me the whole day. Found out the 'arrange according to number of strokes' option on my Japanese Dictionary software. Had to research a lot about French places and names because it's damn hard to figure out what French word they're trying to say when they're reading it in Katakana. >.<

July 2, 2009 (Thursday)
More translating, but this time, I translated my usual Yaoi manga. Watched some episodes of V no Arashi and screencapped like crazy to post it on that day's blogpost. Spent half of the time watching V no Arashi screaming like mad when seeing Oh-chan (I mean GLASSES AND LONG HAIR! C'MOOON!!! ♥♥♥) Struggled with the option of 'livejournal cut' and still trying to figure out how to view your posts using your own layout. MRII texted that we will have a quiz on chemistry this upcoming Saturday.

July 3, 2009 (Friday)
Bumped on Abe while on my way to the Gym. She bought some KFC for us to snack on, but I was on the way to the Gym so I did that first, then ate the soggy fries and buttered corn around 30 minutes after I worked out. Downloaded some Arashi winamp skins and some Arashi singles (because my Arashi mp3 repertoire is still not complete.) Currently still reviewing and rewriting my review notes on chemistry.

There you go. :D Now off I go to study again. :)

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