July 6th, 2009

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[Late Post] Sesu the Yaoi Addict~

[Note: This was written on July 9, 2009, but the date was edited so that it'll be in order.. :D]

Although I vowed to write a post every day.. it was just that.. well.. I spent the night at a friend's place during Monday night, went to a batchmate's gig last Tuesday night, and struggled with a headache (which might be due to the alcohol I had the night before.. it was only about a glass.. I'M SO WEAK! XDXD) on Wednesday night.. so here I am writing all the supposed posts for those nights, and tonight's post, too. Gambarimasu!


Random Sesu Fact #2: Sesu is a Yaoi addict.

Yaoi~ ♥

Yaoi was my first fandom. It all started with fanfictions back when I was still around grade 5-6 (11-12 years old). It was accidental because I was only reading a Yu Yu Hakusho version of Cupid and Psyche and the characters were all played by the male characters of YYH... [it was a Hiei X Kurama fic].. then it poured into Gundam wing.. then I found some translated doujinshi around the interwebs. Afterwards, I became an avid visitor of fanfiction.net which subsequently lead me to adultfanfiction.net. 

At the dawn of prepaid internet, it was during my highschool years, I discovered mIRC [DCC and XDCC FTW!]  which lead me to download tons of Yaoi manga (and also some Shounen and Shoujo manga.) I remember always praying that the download speed not go down 5 kb/s so that I don't get disconnected from the host.. hehhe.

What was it about Yaoi that I liked? I'm not really sure.. maybe it's because it's a love story about forbidden love, and you get to see them make out and stuff? And there are two guys! Two hawt guys! That's twice what you get when you read Shoujo manga.. ahaha~ Plus you get to see two types -- a submissive guy and a dominating guy.. I suppose it's like a 2-in-1 package? Ahahaha~

And yes, I'm still pretty much a yaoi addict until now.. I read at least one yaoi manga almost everyday, mostly before I sleep. Good thing there are online manga viewers now! It's so convenient and saves so much space! :D

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