July 13th, 2009

geeky :3


Sesu Random Fact #3: Sesu likes glasses.

Glasses. I like 'em.

I'm not sure where it rooted from, or when it started, but for me, wearing glasses adds charm to some men (meaning, if they're kinda cute, they're suddenly totally cute when they wear glasses! But it doesn't work if they're not cute in the first place..)

It might be that there is focus around the eyes, but then I'm not really one who finds 'eyes' as charm points.. in fact, I'm not even good at eye contact. There are only a handful of people I can look straight in the eye.. and only a few people I can look at often while talking..

So it's probably because of the nerdiness/geekiness. I'm a sucker for intelligent cute guys. That's why the ones I end up liking in anime, or even in Johnny's are the ones with intelligent characters.. like Nino (he might not have the academic background to prove it, but from the way he speaks, and the way he thinks.. you just know that he's clever. ♥) and Sho-chan (especially after seeing his SCP interview.. being able to use analogies mean an analyzing mind. ♥) Tegoshi has a plus because he got in Waseda. XD

And that is exactly why my LJ avatar is Nino in glasses~ I mean, what could be better than Nino, but Nino in glasses! (Nino with Ohno or Sho is also another good answer. Ohmiya and Sakumiya FTW! ♥

[EDIT] Ah! I think I know where it came from! First ex-san also had a glasses fetish, and made me realize that I also had it. XD
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