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July 2009 To Do List

Last June, I seem to have only managed to clear 50% of my to do's. Let's aim to do more than that this month! Yeah! So here's this month's to do list.

To do's left over from last June:
  • Design a layout for my scanslation site and move it to my domain
  • Scanslate new Junjou Romantica chapter!
  • Put tabs on my Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook! (I borrowed Maika's instead)
  • Learn a new piano piece! (I really need to practice)
And more to do's for this month:
  • Finish translating for my part-time job.
  • Make at least 3 new additions to my 100 themes project.
  • Make my own moods theme feat. Ohmiya~ ♥
  • Upload more userpics!
  • Cover my review notebook.
  • Lose weight! (I'll measure after the end of the month)
  • Finish another PSP game! (I finished SH Homecoming for PC, I suppose that'll do)
  • Organize and clean up my photobucket.
  • Buy Laptop sleeve for my Lappy, Panpan! :)
  • Learn at least 30 new Kanji characters :D (I haven't counted them, but translating 6 episodes.. XD)
Well, that's it for now. Let's do our best again this month! YOSH! :)
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