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[Late Post] LB and Ponticello Photos

[Again, This was posted on July 9, 2009, but the date was edited so that the posts would be in order. :)]

These pictures were taken on Tuesday, when I was supposed to post this photoblog thing. I was in elbi on tuesday morning, and went to Ponticello bar to watch Ria's gig that night.


Road out of BIOTECH

That morning, I went to BIOTECH to do some more experiments and was planning to get out of there via the BIOTECH bus which goes by around 9:30am.. but unfortunately, I was a couple of minutes too late, so I ended up walking out of BIOTECH. But luckily, after I took this picture, a car came by and let me hitch a ride to the campus! :D


the MATH building! *shivers*

Math. I was really really thankful at around my third year when I finished Math 38, which meant I need not go to this building anymore. It's not like I don't like math.. in fact, I like it! .. But it doesn't seem to love me back.. XD


UPLB jeeps~

The source of my endless laziness to walk to class. Specially when the 'Kaliwa' and 'Kanan' routes were established. Jeep straight to CEAT! Yeah! XD But since I already graduated and everything.. I can't bring myself to just pay the student rate. :P


The elbi sky~

So beautiful, ain't it? It's definitely hard to see a nice blue sky in the city... since it's blanketed by smog here.. hahaha!


A shot of Ponticello bar

My first bar experience...? It certainly feels like I'm an adult when I was in there.. It was a bit of a shock at first actually.. I'm not sure why.. but I just had to think "..ahh.. to be going to places like these.. I really am an adult now, huh.." Maybe I've just been convincing myself that I was too young for these kinds of things, or rather, I never really wanted to grow up or something. Ahahaha! Anyway, it was still quite the experience.


Ria's band! They rocked~!

It's been sooo long since I listened to a band live.. I think the last was when I was still with my first ex. XD It truly is very very very different from just watching a performance on TV or on video.. I loved it. Though I didn't really know more than half of the songs they played (How ignorant can I get? lol.) it's just that you can feel more the feelings of the performers when you're this close.. (I wonder how I'd feel when I see Arashi or NEWS perform live? I'll probably faint because of the overwhelming feelings.. XDXD)

Anyway, that's it for today. LD
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