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Random Sarbei

I just took a peek at my friendster account's bulletin board and got this Survey..

♣ Think of one person you wish you were lying in bed with, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
` Hmm.. Oh-chan? ♥ XD

♣ Which do you prefer - eyes or lips?
` Eyes

♣ Medicine, fine arts, or law?

♣ Best kind of pizza?
` I don't eat pizza..

♣ Is your password about a girl/boy?
` oohh.. I say it's about a boy.. a prancing Japanese boy.. XD

♣ What do you think about people who party a lot?
` Hmm.. It doesn't bother me, but I'd prefer to be someone who doesn't party a lot..

♣ Are you one of those people who obsesses over Hollister?
` What's a Hollister?

♣ Have you kissed somebody in the last 2 weeks?
` Does Panpan count? Or my parents?

♣ Miss someone?
` I miss them elbi peeps! XD

♣ What color are your eyes?
` Dark Brown

♣ Was it a boy or girl who texted you last?
` I'm actually not sure.. it was a wrong send..

♣ Do you wear glasses?
` Nope. But I like it when really cute guys do. ♥

♣ Have you ever slept in a bed with the same sex?
` Yep. XD

♣ Do you have a worst enemy?
` Hmmm.. I'm not sure about enemy, but there are certain people I just don't like.

♣ Do you like canada?
` Hmm.. I can't say I like it, but I can't say I don't..

♣ Who do you live with?
` My sister.

♣ Is money important to you?
` Well, of course it is! But it's NOT the MOST important..

♣ Are you interested in anyone?
` Well, besides the JE boyz, not anyone in particular..

♣ Do you believe once a cheater, always a cheater?
` I'm not one to easily forgive anyone who's done something as grave as cheating..

♣ Has there been anyone particular on your mind at all today?
` Does Arashi count? If it's just one person.. it'll have to be.. Oh-chan. ♥

♣ Have you been a happy, angry, or sad person lately?
` I've mostly been happy, and a bit angry..

♣ Your plans for this coming Friday?
` Friday.. none. Probably translating something for my part-time job.

♣ Have you ever gone to court?
` Nope.

♣ Do you get shy around the guy or girl you like?
` Yeah.. but I also get weirdly aggressive sometimes.. I'm rather aggressive when it comes to a guy I like.. (that's why I've never experienced 'panliligaw' LOL)

♣ What was the best thing that happened to you today?
` That the instructor today was very good at teaching! A good mix of humor in lecture is always good. :) And that Steph still managed to come after lunch. Hehe.

♣ Are you currently sick or healthy?
` Sleepy.. I mean healthy~ yeah.

♣ What is the last thing you drank?
` Melon Milk!

♣ When was the last time you hugged someone?
` A couple of hours ago.. I hugged my dad. :)

♣ Are you sarcastic?
` Either when I'm trying to make people laugh, or when I'm pissed off.

♣ Do you think somebody likes the same person you do?
` Ohhh.. I KNOW that thousands of other fangirls like the same person I do. XD

♣ Got anything you wanna say to someone?
` Hmm.. I'd like to ask Arashi a lot of things.. (yes, they're all what's occupying my mind lately.. :P)

♣ Do you sleep with the light on or off?
` They're off, but either my laptop or the TV would stay on..

♣ Do you like the rain?
` Yeah, unless I have to walk.. my feet gets all muddy..

♣ Say your last ex runs up to you and hugs you, what do you do?
` Depends on which ex. I think I'll be okay with being hugged by one of them, and I'll get pissed off if the other one hugs me.

♣ What are you listening to right now?
` Daite Senorita - Yamashita Tomohisa

♣ Have you ever received something cute from a person of the opposite sex?
` Hmm, seeing as I have two ex's, yes. I have received some cute stuff from a male.
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