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Getting up in the morning.

Today is Randomly Generated Topic day, so I used this to generate today's topic.

Yes. Yes it does. XD

Getting up in the morning.

I've never been one to be awakened easily.. not that I sleep like a log, but I get really really grumpy in the mornings. I'm still pretty unsure why I am, but I know it has something to do with a "I can wake up on my own, so just f**k off!!" kind of feeling.. which might also be the reason why it's perfectly fine for me to be waken up by someone, if I told them to wake me up. :P

Getting up in the morning has always been a problem for me.. I just love to sleep.. or maybe I just stay awake late at night waaay too often. When you need to wake up for work or for school, it ALWAYS feels like you haven't had enough sleep. It's always snooze mode for your phone, and a continuous chanting of  'just 5 more minutes.' 

But recently, because of my habit forming craze, I seem to have reprogrammed my biological clock, and I always wake up at around 8-9am now --- even if I sleep really late at night, like around 4am..

Recently also, since I've begun to start activities that has made me pretty busy, I'm suddenly having thoughts of sleep being a hindrance to my being productive. It's just that I'm the type that has a hard time stopping something halfway, when I get myself into it.. Like translation of manga/anime or reviewing my notes for the board exam.. But it may also have something to do with wanting to see the result immediately, and not wanting to wait till tomorrow to be able to see it.. :P Patience. I'm still trying to learn it.

Anyway, I'll have to wake up early tomorrow, since I have to go to elbi.. and meet up Maika and do my experiments.. :P

Oyasumi! :)

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feelin' cozy~ wittle nino~ XD

Saturday is Meme Day!

First and foremost.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASSU! ♥

Happy Birthday Massu~ Hope you still stay as cute as always~ ♥

Anyway, Saturday is meme day because it's the day I come home all tired from a day of review and I won't be able to think much about what to write as a post... Actually, it's already 12:21AM of July 5... T_T So I screwed with the time of the blogpost. >:3

So on to the meme! I got this one from Maika's LJ. :D
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Friday is Recap Day!

I'm actually going to do this in a hurry, because I'm still in the middle of studying for my quiz tomorrow! I'm just going to do a short recap of what I did the past week.

June 27,2009 (Saturday)

Went to my board exam review as usual. Topic was Organic Chemistry. Sir's bluetooth powerpoint slide changing thing went broke and, being seated right beside the laptop, I was the one assigned to change the slides. Lol. Steph left early because of her allergies.. (I hope she got to the hospital on time.) I bought a new headband, which I am using right now~ :D

June 28, 2009 (Sunday)

Spent the morning translating the anime I was assigned to translate. Sis planned to buy stuff for her overnights at the hospital. Went grocery shopping with my parents and sis. Ate out also at the SM Food court. Finished translating an episode that night. :D

June 29, 2009 (Monday)

Went to elbi to continue my experiments. Bought half a gallon of ice cream (Rocky road) to treat the lab peeps in BIOTECH for always helping me out. Only worked for half a day and went home immediately. While on the bus, I was thinking up what topic to assign each day for this journal. I got lost on my way back because I was searching for the bus that went straight to the Columns, and ended up still walking back home.

June 30, 2009 (Tuesday)

Was really pressured to do most of what I put on my to-do list for June 2009. Finished Silent Hill Origins in one seating. Took pictures of the orange sky for my Photoblog that day. Went home for dinner since they were having Turbo-broiled Beef (which was extremely delicious~ YUM! :D). Started drawing "Robin...?" since I knew I had to post a drawing the day afterward.

July 1, 2009 (Wednesday)

Spent hours coloring "Robin..?". Translated another episode, which took me the whole day. Found out the 'arrange according to number of strokes' option on my Japanese Dictionary software. Had to research a lot about French places and names because it's damn hard to figure out what French word they're trying to say when they're reading it in Katakana. >.<

July 2, 2009 (Thursday)
More translating, but this time, I translated my usual Yaoi manga. Watched some episodes of V no Arashi and screencapped like crazy to post it on that day's blogpost. Spent half of the time watching V no Arashi screaming like mad when seeing Oh-chan (I mean GLASSES AND LONG HAIR! C'MOOON!!! ♥♥♥) Struggled with the option of 'livejournal cut' and still trying to figure out how to view your posts using your own layout. MRII texted that we will have a quiz on chemistry this upcoming Saturday.

July 3, 2009 (Friday)
Bumped on Abe while on my way to the Gym. She bought some KFC for us to snack on, but I was on the way to the Gym so I did that first, then ate the soggy fries and buttered corn around 30 minutes after I worked out. Downloaded some Arashi winamp skins and some Arashi singles (because my Arashi mp3 repertoire is still not complete.) Currently still reviewing and rewriting my review notes on chemistry.

There you go. :D Now off I go to study again. :)

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Thursday is Weird Day!

Well.. I wasn't totally sure about when I decided thursday would be weird day.. I actually just couldn't think of anything to put there! But hey.. since it's done.. XD

I just decided that today's weird day will be used to FANGIRL! KYAAAA! ARASHI LOVE FTW!!! :D:D

and so... from here on in, shall be picspam... of V NO ARASHI! (Thanks AST for subbing this wonderful wonderful show of kiddie Arashi-ness!)

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geeky ohno~ XD

Wednesday is Artwork Day!

YESS! I did it! I pushed myself to do it because I know I should post one here today! Because Wednesday is Artwork Day! XD Yeah~ I'm now getting obsessed with keeping things on a tight schedule...

Here it is!

I'm too lazy to make another description, so I'll just copy paste the one I put on my deviantart account:

Well, I was just waiting for whatever it was my sis was watching at the time to finish so that we could go home.. and I ended up with this guy.

Robin.. just because I wanted to draw an R, and that was the first name to come up. 

I'm not even sure why there are stars on his shirt.

I dunno but I think I always draw Uke's for some reason. I must really be a Seme huh. XD

Oh and.. I was too lazy to properly color it, (partly because my tablet is currently in the hands of someone else.. and partly because I still have other work to be done) so I just used tons of layers with low opacity. XD

Well, as what was said in the description, I don't have my tablet (and I don't have that much time) so I just colored it sloppily with a mouse. Oh well, I think it still looks pretty good. XD

Now off to scanlate! :D
geeky :3

Tuesday is Photoblog Day!

Yeah, the title's going to be in that format the whole week this week. XD Anyway, photoblogging.. I'm still new at this, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do, but I'm sure I just need to post some pics and put some descriptions right?

Well, here goes...

These are simply some of the stuff I found on my phone:


We were went shopping last Sunday in SM and as we headed for the parking area, I saw and took a picture of this. Though it might not be as noticable in the picture, the road here is actually filled with TAXIS. Yep. Just thought it was interesting. XD


Work, work, work!

I've finally got a part-time job as a Japanese to English translator of a certain anime series for a certain TV network (All thanks to my friend, Omi-aniki :D). This is my usual working set up. I use my desktop PC to view the Japanese script (in pdf) and to type up the translated script, and my laptop to watch the anime (though it's not on right now.) Oh and yeah, that's Nino taking a peek behind the window on my laptop. (NINOOO~ ♥)


Oohh~ so where am I, again?

This was taken when I actually got lost on my way back home. I wanted to try finding the way to where I can ride the bus that goes straight to our building.. and I actually found the bus! But apparently, the bus loading zone was somewhere farther off.. and I never found it. So I just tried to find my way back to the Dela Rosa Walkway and found this. Makati is really a nice looking place, isn't it? XD


Screams and the sounds of killing monsters are better with speakers!

As written on my to do list (for June) I wanted to finish Silent Hill Origins. So I was determined to finish it today since today's the last day of June! I tried playing without the speakers, but I couldn't hear much.. and I didn't want to wear earphones at the time, so.. Speakers it is. I simply got them off my desktop PC. :P


Orange Sunset Sky

The sky was unusally bright orange yesterday so I decided to take a picture of it. And yeah, I love the view from our room here in the Columns. :)


A light bulb in the sky!!

Another shot at the orange sky. Though the color here is a bit off than the real one. And this one has a light bulb up in the sky! Ahahaha! Probably because of the reflection on our window.. but it still looks cool, huh? XD


Well, that's it for this week's photoblog.. next week, I'll try to capture more 'photography'-ish pictures! :D

peaaace~ ^_^

To-do-list June 2009

Just need to list them down for my viewing pleasure.. since my memory is a bit.. rusty?
  • Design a layout for my scanslation site and move it to my domain
  • Design a layout for my blog in my domain
  • Buy TV-PC cable so I can play my games on the TV (it's apparently called a VGA-RCA cable)
  • Scanslate new Junjou Romantica chapter!
  • Put tabs on my Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook! (need to prepare for my board exams ne)
  • Learn a new piano piece! (I really need to practice)
  • Draw draw draw! Revive my inactive deviantart page!
  • Buy stuff for drawing (Pencils, erasers, whatnot)
  • Cover my Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook
  • Finish Silent Hill Origins~ (cuz I was too scared before to finish it)
  • Upload LJ userpics (of Nino and Ohno~ ♥)
  • Upload custom mood images (of Nino and Ohno~ ♥)
  • Go to the Gym!!
That'll be it for now. XD hope i'll be able to finish all of these by the end of the month :P
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Monday is Random Sesu Fact Day!

Yeah, I'm on a roll on the 'assigning a topic each day of the week' kind of thing.. So now it's:
  • Sunday: Random generated topic post.
  • Monday: Random Sesu fact post.
  • Tuesday: Photoblog.
  • Wednesday: Presentation of a new drawing, even if only half-done.
  • Thursday: Weird thoughts and weird things I notice.
  • Friday: Recap of the week..
  • Saturday: Survey/Quiz post.
There! Tentative topic for each day.

So anyway, today is monday, so let's get to it!


Random Sesu Fact #1: Sesu loves to write.

Sesu loves writing. :)

A very obvious one. I love to write. But I think it only comes from my love for thinking, or maybe my love for learning. I have a very inquisitive mind, I like learning about things (well, things I'm interested about) I like learning how the world works -- people, feelings, individuality, psychology, myself, decisions, happiness -- stuff like that.

I like to write, but there are a lot of types of writing -- story writing, creative writing, song writing -- those aren't the things I want to do. What I want to write are.. my thoughts. My learnings instead of my creations. My feelings, my interests, my thoughts about life. I love to write simply because it helps me organize my thoughts. (I think I've written this line multiple times now.. coz it's true. :P)

Maybe I like writing because I am forced to think around one common topic. Simply thinking about them in your head, one tends to go into all sorts of different directions -- and what's worse about that is you completely forget what you were thinking about a couple of minutes ago. Writing makes my thoughts tangible -- capable of being organized, capable of being connected to another thought, capable of being remembered the way the thought was, originally. Well, you can't be sure that what you thought yesterday is exactly what you thought today now, can you?

I love to write, and I did this posting everyday thing so that I can get better at it.. or maybe I just want to read more of my posts. As I always manage to write in a blogpost everytime I go back and read my old blogposts --- I really REALLY love reading what I've written in the past. Though initially, I always think that I might just end up disappointing myself by reading my old posts (because I might've improved by then or just like now, I'm really not confident about how the flow of this post is going..) but I always.. ALWAYS get a pleasant surprise. Sometimes I'm even surprised at what I wrote, myself. Like "I didn't know I thought like that.." or "Yeah! That's right!".. Sometimes, I relearn what I've already learned in the past.

Speaking of reading old posts.. A little over a month ago, when I've been hanging out in the Ayala area alot, I seem to have attempted writing blogposts on my phone. (since I was out and no computer was within reach. Well, it's not worth it to rent one now, is it?) An as I've said before, I got a pleasant surprise. :P I really liked what I wrote (but I may just be some egoistic maniac).. :P Here's some of the stuff I wrote on my phone. [These were written around the last week of May 2009]
"Recently, there have been big changes with my life --- I graduated from college, I'm moving out from my home in elbi of 5 and a half years, and I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years.

I've been feeling all sorts of extreme ups and downs. Up, because I'm finally free to make my own decisions and I'm moving in a new home, a new life.. Down, because I've lost the comfort of elbi and the comfort of having a boyfriend.

It still weighs heavy in my heart, the feeling of loss. But if there's something I learned in life, it's that we can't gain anything without sacrificing something. We can't move on to the future if we dwell too much in the past.

There's also something I learned just recently, and from an unlikely source -- my recent ex -- "There are times that we only feel sad because we want to. There is no such thing as "I can't help it." because all of us has the strength to do so. We become 'helpless' of our own decision.

Sadness is simply the time you turn your head away from the things that make you happy, and concentrate on those which don't. "

Another post from my phone written a little bit after the previous one:

"Strength of the heart is simply to have the power to see and appreciate our blessings in life, despite how bleak, or how dire one's situation is. To be able to keep an optimistic view of life, even when experiencing life's mos unfortunate events. To realize that we are all luck in a way.

It is not wrong to feel sad and down, as long as we use those feelings to get up and start anew."

I should say that I don't feel as sad as I was a month ago --- in fact, I'm doing GREAT~ :D

Well then, I suppose that ends this post. I should just end it with "I LOVE WRITING! ~♥

peaaace~ ^_^

Sunday is Random Generated Topic Day!

To not stop the momentum of the 'post daily' habit, and still be able to write something that's interesting, I was thinking of assigning a different topic thinger per day of the week. I just got the idea from the happiness project. XD

So sunday is "Randomly Generated Topic Day" in which I'll just choose from the Writer's Block Archive in LJ a topic to write about.. And today's topic is:

"When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?"

Hmmm.. the last time I stayed up all night.. Well, if all night means that I stayed up until after midnight, well... I always do. :P But if it means me staying up until 4-5am... it was last thursday when I got hooked in rewriting my lecture notes from the board exam review.

Yeah, yeah.. so nerdy, right? Well, I'm trying to be, but it's actually just one of my habits --- once I actually get the energy to get something started, I don't want to stop until I finish it, probably since it's hard to get the energy to start it in the first place. Like when I clean the apartment, when I actually get the energy to clean, I end up cleaning EVERYTHING.. the kitchen, the floors, the bathroom.. everything. And when I start drawing something.. when I like how it looks, I can't seem to  stop until I've finished it, and even when I do, I can't stop looking at the finished product.

That's another thing with me.. I like fast results. That's why it's always been hard for me to get myself to go on a diet or to practice the piano or something like that, because progress there is soo slooow... Before you see any real improvement, it would take weeks or worse, months. I suppose patience is something I've always lacked.

But recently, I've been trying to learn the virtue. That's why I'm creating new habits -- ones that will gradually improve my lifestyle. But will only pay off probably months from now. I want to be able to invest a lot of time into something and reap it's rewards --- because the longer you work on something, the better the sense of achievement, the sense of satisfaction.

And... apparently.. this just ended up like most of my posts recently.. a reflection of my determination to change my lifestyle, gradually. Ahaha! well, I really am determined to change Sesu into a better Sesu! (or at least a Sesu that I can be proud of) :D

feelin&#39; cozy~ wittle nino~ XD

Taking Steps.

Forgive the quality of this post, if ever the content ends up sloppy since I'm really sloppy.. er.. sleepy. :P

"Forming new habits is my way of changing my life bit by bit."

They say that habits are formed when you do something everyday for 21 days straight. After that, that something will become part of your routine, and you will end up doing those things subconciously afterwards.

But the hardest part of creating habits is getting yourself to actually start doing the thing you want to make a habit of, and to continue doing so until you get used to it. That's when you put in the most effort. It's a lot like chemical reactions ---- for some reactions to occur, a certain amount of energy is necessary (aka Activation energy). Then you will finally get your desired product.

Motivation is extremely necessary in this critical time of gaining momentum. Thoughts like "It'll never work out anyway." or "I'll do it later." need to be shot down, or else you'll have to start from square one again.

During these times, I just remember the perfect solution fallacy --- where we tend not to implement measures simply because they are not 100% fail-proof. This is the crime I've committed most of my life, and I intend to change it. Because having that kind of mindset does not get us up our asses to actually change what we need to change --- it's better to take any action that can take us just a bit closer to our goal rather than nothing.

So I've resolved myself to simply do my best and to actually take steps, no matter how small, no matter how 'imperfect' towards my goal.

頑張る~! (Gambaru~!)

Speaking of forming new habits, here are a few habits I've been trying to embed in my routine:

  • Going to the gym at 10am, T,W,Th,F,Su
  • Posting in LJ everyday
  • Not eating rice during the weekdays (and going on a diet)
  • Washing my face with cleanser every night before I go to bed
Looks like I still have a ways to go.. ahahaha! But I've managed to post here for 12 days straight now! Wooo~ :) Looks like I only need 9 days to go until I can officially call this a habit! :) Go sesu~

And now, I officially declare Saturday as random thoughts post day! :) Because it's getting a bit boring simply writing about my day every single day... but then, because I do write everyday, I always feel pressured to do something post-worthy everyday! So I suppose it also helps. 

On a side note: 

...Though you became somewhat weird during these recent years, I owe a part of my childhood to you, and your music still never seems to stop amazing me. I may not be an expert on music or anything like that, but I think, you really are the King of Pop.

Rest in Peace, MJ. :) You were totally awesome, man. 

*goes off to download Micheal Jackson songs and music videos*
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