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Panda Scribbles

Panda thoughts for the Panda mind

19 May 1986
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Swarmnovacoil. aka Shandelseth. aka Seth. aka Sesu. Please just refer to me as Sesu. :) Born May 19, 1986. Graduate of BS Chemical Engineering. Still has to take the board exams. Deviant artist. Scanlator. Mediocre pianist, guitarist. Really likes writing.

Currently addicted to ARASHI~ -- specifically Nino ♥ and Riida ♥ :D Also like Tegomasu and NEWS. Needs an everyday dose of Arashi because it is her Happy Drug. Also addicted to Yaoi ever since 1998. Is apparently a SEME. XD
♣ drawing, ♣ videogames, ♣ webdesign, ♣ writing/blogging, ♥ arashi, ♥ news, ♥ ninomiya kazunari~, ♥ ohmiya sk~, ♥ pandas~, ♥ tegomasu, ♥ yaoi~